Agbani Horsfall

Agbani Horsfall Cautions Gospel Singers To Avoid Indecent Dressing

Rising gospel singer, Agbani Horsfall has cautioned her colleagues against indecent dressing, saying ‘their mode of dressing should portray the kind of music they sing.’

Horsfall so advised while, in a chat with NollyNow recently. She insists that the gospel singers must strive to be true Christians who should look decent at all times.

Talking about her music, the Abuja-based singer, revealed that her music exhibits her deep love and affection for God.

“The messages in my songs have always been about salvation and love,” she says.

“My music exhibits the deep love and affection I have for God who remains steadfast to us. I always express it in my music and also be a medium through which God speaks to people. There’s too much noise in the world about vulgar things, all mostly expressed in music and dance. If the things of God should be heard, music ministers need to do more,” she said.

Horsfall, who is due to launch her new song, ‘Holy Spirit’ virtually on Sunday, July 25, said she spends more time in her prayer room whenever she’s inspired to release an album.

The multi-talented singer added that the virtual launch is an opportunity for her fans to Meet and Greet with Agbani Horsfall.

Recall that last year, she released her virtual debut album, Spirit of The Living God” , containing tracks including “King of Kings”, “Belongs to You”, “Kiniyanabo”, “Love of My Life”, ‘Belema (Love)”, “Same God”, and “Celebrate (a Christmas song)” with various genres of music.

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