Agbani Horsfall

Agbani Horsfall Preaches Hope & Unity In One Nigeria

In solidarity with the #EndSARS protest that rocked the nation recently, Rivers State born gospel artiste, Agbani Horsfall, has released a song titled One Nigeria, accompanied by a fascinating video.

According to the gospel music minister extraordinaire, the Holy Spirit inspired the track. She recalled one evening as she was surfing the net and she stumbled on a picture of an old woman with tears in her eyes; she got so emotional that she was almost in tears. So, she turned to the Lord and that was the Genesis of the song.

“One Nigeria is about issues happening in the country. The youths are going through a lot now; innocent lives are being wasted over nothing, and recently the youths are asking for a change in the #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #GoodGovernance movement that claimed a lot of lives and properties. The song is a reminder to the nation that we will overcome and things will return to normal very soon.”

The gospel musician uses this new offering as an informative antidote to communicate love among protesters while advocating for Godly leadership among nation’s leaders. In a befitting interlude, Horsefall urged Nigerians to live in unity to enhance productivity.

“Where is the love, where is the peace, where is the unity in our land? Where is the hope? Why all the tears, why all the hate in our land? We will rise till we are heard; we will fight till we win one Nigeria,” some lines from the song read.

Indeed a resounding message of peaceful coexistence amongst every person in the country irrespective of tribe, religion, or ethnicity, the singer called for a formidable foundation of goodness, which the upcoming generation will so much appreciate.

“As Nigerians, we should not give up, it is our country. We should intensify our prayers, raising our voices for a better nation as we seek change and a better government. We should also intensify prayers for our children, the upcoming generation and ourselves.

“To those who lost loved ones during the protest, during the police brutality, in one form or the other, they should be consoled that God has not forgotten them,” Horsfall enthused.

She further revealed that song was done in English for all to understand the message, adding that it would be translated into various Nigerian languages, as the nation is one indivisible entity.

“Irrespective of what is happening in our society today, we are one Nigeria; we will overcome it at the end of the day. Our leaders should lead with the fear of God and rule in love. When they are out of government, people will still relate with them.”

On her choice of gospel music, the Buguma native said, “There’s too much noise in the world about vulgar things, all mostly expressed in music and dance.

If the things of God should be heard, music ministers need to do more. I want it to be expressed in my music and to also be a medium through which God speaks to people.”

Her virtual debut album, Spirit of the Living God, which was launched in July, has eight tracks, with songs like King of Kings, Belongs to You, Kiniyanabo, Love of My Life, Belema (Love), Same God, and Celebrate (a Christmas song), which were delivered in various genres of music.

According to her, the track Kiniyanabo (My Owner) is a song that portrays the life and culture of the Kalabari kingdom. “It is a reminder of God’s faithfulness and why people should give thanks to God for the gift of life. It also reassures that God will always answer people when they call on Him in any situation.

“My songs are for everybody, irrespective of the status. I sing in Kalabari language because I want to also minister to people from that area and for the older generation to know that young people can also sing and promote their culture.”

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